1770 Undies – Part 1: Chemise

Chemise, shift, nightgown. Basically the chemise is the underthing worn closest to the body. In the 1770s it is a loose garment with sleeves that come to just past the elbows. It’s gathered at the neckline and sleeve cuff.

My attempt at the one from Simplicity 3635 went as follows:

  • used pattern size 14 (Canadian size 7/8) – according to the package I’m the same dimensions as the sizing chart indicates (yayy)
  • it is easy to pin, cut, mark, and sew
  • sleeves note: remember to turn the sleeve right side out then fit the sleeve into the armhole (which is wrong side out) for sewing
  • for historical accuracy I did not add lace permanently to the neck of the chemise since this would have been a removable item and often attached to the gown
  • as you can see from the pictures (that I hopefully post soon) I will likely need to adjust the shoulders since the gathers drop past my shoulder line
  • all in all – pretty neat!

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