The Importance of Pinning

If there’s one thing I can recommend in all my years of costuming and crafting it’s to spend the time to pin properly.

  • Pin your pattern pieces to your material every 3 inches or closer if on curves or sharp corners.
  • Start by pinning the very center of your pattern. Ad pins radiating outward in a random pattern but when you get to the edges be sure to follow the perimeter and pin parallel to the cutting line and in the same direction moving around your pattern clockwise.
  • When pinning for sewing, pin perpendicular to the line of sewing. And although most machines will skip past a pin (and many an old-school teacher will tell you to sew right over the pins), I would suggest removing the pins as you sew before stitching  over them. The timing on your machine will invariably be thrown off and will wreak all sorts of havoc on a future and unsuspecting project.

Check out this article in Threads Magazine on pinning: (They don’t pay me for this – I just like the article.)

Happy Pinning!


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