1770s robe à la francaise

Welcome one and all to my adventure (or potentially misadventure) in the replication of a 1770s robe à la française, retroussé with complete underpinnings.

  • Deadline: April 20th, 2017 (CostumeCon35 Mississauga)
  • Budget: $0.00
  • Expected Research Hours: 20-25
  • Expected Hours Creating: 40-50
  • Yards of Fabric: Approx. 35
  • Yards of Boning & Hoop: Approx. 25

Why? Because I’m a history nerd meets Theatre Arts graduate meets ‘sewing since I was seven’ kinda gal.

What the heck is a ‘robe à la française’? Well Google Images will help you more than my attempt at a description. Hopefully I can figure out how to add pictures to this blog so it isn’t entirely boring. Suffice to say it’s a complicated gown with many variations depending on the country where you were wearing it.

Which patterns am I using? 

  • For the gown I am modifying Simplicity 3637 (specifically the W folds at the back, the sleeves, the bodice front fastenings, and the decoration).
  • For the chemise, panniers, and pockets I am using Simplicity 3635 with a few tweaks for practicality.
  • For the stays I’ll be using Butterick 4254 – A..but making a few changes to the back lacing and the front boning channels to be more historically accurate.

So thanks for following along and for any helpful tips and tricks 🙂

Main Image Source: http://www.palaisgalliera.paris.fr/en/work/robe-la-francaise-sack-back-gown


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